Thursday, March 21, 2013

ModernCV LaTeX template

Recently, my home department requested all graduate students to provide a self-evaluation and an updated curriculum vitae. I then found a very nice and clean LaTeX template called ModernCV (Link). Here is what the CV looks like.

I then spent some time filling out my information in this format. During this process, I am inspired from many people with awesome CV (e.g., Jianxiong Xiao). Finally, I am satisfied with the result. If you would like to modify your CV from mine, you can download the Tex source file here (Link). 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Raskar's Idea Hexagon

Ramesh Raskar, professor in MIT Media Lab, presented in TED this inspiring talk on "How to Invent?" Along with many concrete examples, he described how we can invent new technologies using a principled way.

I found this idea very interesting. Thus, a few years ago, I tried to summarize some of the works in my research field using this approach. Check out my slides.

Face inversion impairs your holistic perception

It is well known that our ability to recognize a face or an object will significantly degrade when inverted images are presented. This video is an excellent demonstration of this effect.  You simply cannot recognize what the painting is about until he revealed the upright one.