Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Resume Template in Latex and Resume Generator

This is a latex template for a resume. The template is specifically designed for graduate school application, internship and  academic job application. There are two main features/advantages of using this template: 

1. The style and the content are completely separated. All you need to do is to edit your personal information and experience. The template is well-commented and easily maintained for your future modification.

2. The sections in the template are configurable. You can show/hide sections you select to customize your resume.

For those of you who are familiar with Latex editing, you can download the template (.tex) file here.
Resume Template Download

For others who don't understand Latex, you can fill in your information using the resume generator:
Once you fill out the form and submit, the system will send the complete Latex code to email address you specify. Copy and paste the code to any Latex editor in your computer, compile it, then you will get the PDF version of your resume. If you don't have a Latex editor in your computer, you can use online editor such as to compile the code.

Here is a preview of the format. You can adjust, refine, or even replace the format (i.e., the style) of your resume by editing the Latex code. 

Have fun!

Feedback and bug report are welcome.

Jia-Bin Huang


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