Monday, May 24, 2010

演講:如何找研究題目 (電腦視覺)?

兩個禮拜之後將給這個演講,應該是暑假前最後一次講這個題目,對於電腦視覺研究有興趣的朋友(e.g., 碩博士生)歡迎來參與討論。

時間:   6月8日下午 4:00-5:30 
地點:台北市南港中央研究院資訊所 106室

時間:6/8 (二) 下午2:00 - 3:30 (3:30-4:00 問題討論)
地點:台北市南港中央研究院資訊所 107 室

題目:How to come up with new research ideas (in Computer Vision)?

Computer vision has been studied for more than 40 years. Due to the increasingly diverse and rapidly developed topics in vision and the related fields (e.g., machine learning, signal processing, cognitive science), the tasks to come up with new research ideas are usually daunting for junior graduate students in this field. In this talk, I will present five methods to come up with new research ideas. For each method, I will give several examples (i.e., existing works in the literature) to illustrate how the method works in practice. 

This is a common sense talk and will not have complicated math equations and theories.

Note: The content of this talk is inspired by Prof. Ramesh Raskar's talk on "How to come up with new Ideas".